335 (Previously eCubed Ltd) specialises in Building Services engineering and advises on associated sustainability and carbon, at 335 we like to take a holistic approach to the design of the building and work collaboratively with the whole team to achieve the best outcomes.

3 - Elements of the Circular economy: - Reduce Waste and Pollution - Reuse Products and Materials - Regenerate Natural Systems

3 - Key Systems: - Natural Environment - Carbon Cycle - Energy Systems

5 - Founders (David - James - Paul - Patrick - Volker)

We are aware of the commercial realities around making decisions, but we believe that good design and good decisions can only be made with good information which can allow future adaptation into a world that needs to be increasingly concerned with protecting our planet's resources (There is only one!).

Our philosophy is inherent in our approach to building design, and this is best demonstrated through our work in delivering successful, sustainable projects which stand the test of time.